seo-melbourne-funnyWhen it comes to the world of SEO, you may be surprised that you have a huge impact on this phenomenon.

Every time you decide to search for something online, you will be shown some search engine results pages. The websites shown on the very first page are the best ranked sites in accordance with the keyword or keywords you have typed into the search engine. Some of those sites you may have heard of, while there will be others you haven’t.

The Importance Of Keywords

The websites you see a link to on the very first page are those that have the most hits with regards to the keyword or keywords you typed into the search engine. The sites that appear on the second, third and fourth page, etc. have had some traffic, but not as much as those that appeared on the first.

If you were to click on any link to any page, you would be changing the amount of traffic that website has, and many clicks (From different people) would result in the site moving further up the search engine results page.

There is always a race to get to the very first results page, and a race to get to the top of that page. This is obviously because those websites will be visited the most, but there’s also another reason behind it too. If your website appears on the second or third page, there’s a 60% chance someone might see your page. If your site appears on a lower ranked page, there’s a chance not many people are going to see it. This means your site won’t get the hits you need, and you probably won’t get the number of customers you need too.

Content Creation


There is however, a way for people to increase their likelihood of getting onto the very first page, and that’s by having articles and blogs created for them. These articles and blogs contain specific keywords that have links attached to them. These links will take a reader of the blog or article to a specific website that sells the product they have been looking for.

Even if the person who did the search does not come across a blog or an article with these keywords, if there have been enough created, the website this content has been created for, will appear high up on the results page. Click here to go to the Epik Digital website to learn more about organic SEO.
This is why the concept of SEO is so important; it can help to make a huge difference to the number of visitors a website has. While there are millions of websites created every year, it’s those with the highest number of hits that help businesses, services etc. to take off.

The next time you decide to search for something online, remember, you are helping to contribute to the success of a website. If you have your own website, you should make sure you harness the power of SEO so your business gets the traffic it deserves.

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