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Are you searching for furniture removals in Gold Coast? Perhaps you are searching for the kind of movers who could help make your moving experience as easy as possible. The following are a few tips to help you find the best furniture removalists in Gold Coast.

Ask people for Recommendations

The best people to look for help are friends or those who have recently moved in your vicinity. If you don’t know anyone who could be of help asking a real estate realtor could help you find the name of a few moving companies. Once you have shortlisted a few companies you might want to get an estimate by going in there personally and having a talk with them. Beware of companies which might pose as having a bigger name and better service. It could be that the movers in your vicinity might do a good job after all. Don’t simply write someone off just because they are newly established or a smaller business.

Do a Background Check

Once you have your hands on the potential list of moving companies now it’s your turn to do some research. Make sure that the moving company is a member of the storage association in your country. If they are a member chances are that they are pretty much legit and you could entrust your belongings with them without a great deal of hassle. For instance, storage solutions has become a trustworthy service, they will have a decent background information you would be able to check. Also run a check on a few testimonials on their website. These testimonials would actually help you get a good idea of how the company works.

Get an Estimate from at least two or three removalists in Gold Coast

Having a written estimate regarding how much it would cost you to make a move often helps you stay prepared and make a budget. If a company is charging more than you could afford it would be best to go with someone who’s more within your budget. Though it would be better to keep in mind that the estimate which you might have been provided is not the final word and you might have to pay more than that. But that difference shouldn’t be exorbitant and that’s why you should do your research thoroughly.

Ask Them over to your place for an estimate

Getting an estimate this way is the best thing to do. Don’t be shy about showing them whatever you want to have removed. In order to tell you the cost they should have a fair idea of the amount of work which needs to be done. The fact that the moving company would check out all the conditions in your homes like lifts or narrow stairs could help them quickly estimate the number of people which might be required for the job.

Ask them the following questions

  1. The name of their company and how long they have been in business?
  2. Their complete address and all the necessary contact information like emails and phone numbers.
  3. Get a few references while you can. A legit moving company would be glad to provide you with a list of past clients.
  4. Ask them whether they are licensed and their vehicles too